Hi, I’m Allie.


Minneapolis, MN

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Allie. Salesforce and Customer Experience Designer by day, DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access) advocate by passion. I’m all about cool ways technology and software can make our lives better, and the intersection of tech, business, and building a better world. In my free time, I love getting outside in my home state of Minnesota, traveling, volunteering, and learning how to keep houseplants alive.

What I Do

DEIA Advocacy
I believe that everyone deserves the same access to opportunities, to have basic needs cared for, and equitable justice for systemically underserved communities. I consider allyship and advocacy an action that needs to be intentionally taken daily.

Speaking Engagements
I give talks on a variety of subjects for conferences and events, and for individual groups. I am available for booking, and am happy to create content for your purpose, or have the topics below prepared:
– Personal Allyship
– How to be an Ally: A Guide to Addressing Racism in the Workplace
– Reducing Technical Debt in your Salesforce Org
– Trailblazers for the Future
Fill out the form on the Contact Me page if you’re interested in booking me for a talk.

Salesforce Consulting
I work in Salesforce Consultancy, helping businesses set up their orgs to serve customers better. I have a long history in Customer Experience work, from front lines to call centers to management to administrating, and I use that insight to help craft Salesforce configurations that will make for happy agents and happy customers.

Community Organizing
With a large amount of experience in management and volunteering, I step in as a community organizer when I can. Most recently, I’ve worked as the leader for the Midway Relief group, an ad hoc group that sprang up during the Minneapolis protests in May 2020. We provided medic relief and storage, a donation center, and a distribution point for the community to get food and other supplies.

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