Working as a white, straight, cis woman in tech, it’s important that I call out that I hold a lot of privilege, even in a space where women are still underrepresented. And as a person that holds privilege, I strive to act in allyship with underrepresented or marginalized groups in all that I do. I’ve created a presentation on Personal Allyship in the Workplace and Beyond to help other folks who hold a type of privilege understand the role they can play in lifting up and supporting all individuals and communities that are marginalized or underrepresented. This page is a living document full of resources to help you and others you know explore what allyship can mean and look like for you.

I invite you to join in on the conversation with #ActLikeAnAlly


Terminologies of Oppression
Dictionary of Terms
Beginning your path to Allyship can be confusing, new, and difficult. The Anti-Oppression Network’s Terminology guide can help you get started, learning the language you’ll encounter in many of these resources.

Privilege Walk
The Privilege Walk video that went viral in 2017 does a decent job of illustrating how privilege gives you benefits that you didn’t necessarily take any action to earn that will place you far ahead of the starting line. It’s important to note that this video in itself is privileged, as the “Privilege Walk” activity is not accessible.

Us & Them
Produced through WV Public Radio, Us & Them tackles polarizing issues, giving you perspective that you may not get often as a person of privilege. Full of stories from folks from all backgrounds, Us & Them may challenge your thoughts on religion, sexuality, and more.

Web Accessibility Trail
Trailhead Learning Module
Another Salesforce Trailhead-hosted learning trail, this resource walks through the basics of web accessibility–that is, making your web page accessible for all, including those with vision or motor disabilities.

What A Day
What A Day is a daily news podcast, with diverse (and very funny) hosts who will take you through everything you need to know from current events each day.

The Read
The Read is a pop culture/current events podcast that’ll make sure you always know what tea is being spilled in the hip hop community. Focusing on Black hosts, guests, and subjects, this podcast will be a good resource for those ready to dive into a culture they’re not familiar with.

People of Color in Tech
People of Color in Tech (POCIT) is a curated collection of stories of people of color in technology doing amazing things. It’s a great place to start learning, intaking experiences, and even search for jobs! Plus they deliver a newsletter to your inbox.

Being Heumann
Judith Heumann has spent her life advocating for Disability Rights, and her book explores everything from experiencing childhood to fighting for a job, to working toward recognition as a full human for all those with disabilities. Keep an eye out for a documentary about Heumann soon!

Yo, Is This Racist?
Yo, I

Digital Magazine/Blog
Unapologetic is a digital magaz

I am Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much
TED Talk/Video
Stella Young’s TED Talk explores our tendency to turn those with disabilities into inspirational icons, as if they are something significantly ‘other’–with a comedic twist. She’ll help you understand and open your mind to a new way of thinking about those around you.

This podcast produced by POCIT, listed above, explores topics that tie technology, business, and pop culture together. You’ll get episodes packed with current events, insightful opinion segments, and a greater understanding of what’s going on in the industry.

Guide to Allyship
The Guide to Allyship is an opensource web guide to help offer advice and clear definitions. Anyone can request to contribute to the guide, and it’s a great place for beginner allies to start.

Best Buddies Blog
An organization working to improve inclusion, employment, and leadership opportunity for folks with intellectual and development disorders, Best Buddies hosts a blog with stories from individuals, highlights of events, and news specific to the IDD communities they serve.

In The Thick
In the Thick is a political podcast focusing on issues impacting and important to the Latinx community. Co-hosted by two great journalists, In the Thick will talk about race, identity, and politics that aren’t being discussed–but need to be.

Financial Feminist
Tori Dunlap, the anti-Dave Ramsey, talks about ways to break through the ways America’s financial system works against you. Episodes 4 and 26 are especially poignant, discussing the racial wealth gap and active Allyship.

Equality Trail
Trailhead Learning Module
Hosted on Salesforce’s free learning site, Trailhead, this learning topic goes through how you can cultivate equality and equity in the workplace, in easy, manageable units.

Black Authors Booklist
In trying to read more books by BIPOC authors, you don’t need to look further than this list. Constantly getting new additions, you can find books of any genre, and find where to purchase them from Black- or minority-owned independent bookstores.


Fair Hiring Practice Tool
Checkr is a tool that helps companies run background checks on potential hires, but specifically aims to remove human bias from the process. Using an advanced algorithm, they can help make a company’s hiring process faster, and also expand your hiring pool without allowing implicit biases to influence choices.

Black-Owned Recruiting Firms
Company Recruiting
It’s critical that your company has an avenue to recruit diverse candidates for a position, and where better to get help with that than a diverse recruiting firm that also gives you an opportunity to invest in Black communities? This list by Black Girl Group has you covered.

Project Implicit
Implicit Bias Test
Sponsored through Harvard, Project Implicit aims to help you start tackling your own Implicit and Unconscious Bias by identifying it in multiple forms.

Instagram Accounts and Hashtags
Instagram Resources
Coming soon, Right Up My Allie will host an Instagram space to share resources. For now, I recommend the below accounts to learn more about realistic action you can take for your local community, state, nation, and the world:

TikTok Accounts
TikTok Resources
As with most social media accounts, TikTok users become acclimated to the people and accounts they follow. Below is a list of diverse creators who are worth the follow to enhance your community. Note that even just following someone living their normal life is still a great way to expand your own knowledge, and individuals do not owe you education.

Neurodivergence/Mental Health:
– @jamie_jetaime
– @valeriesvoice
– @tristamariemcg

Action Leaders on Twitter
Twitter List
It’s important for allies to learn from members of marginalized groups what action is best for us to take. This Twitter list is accounts I follow that I’m consistently seeing lead the way in action you can take to advocate for everyone.

Addressing Microaggressions
NPR Interview
In this article, NPR interviews Kevin Nadal, a professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, about how to identify and take action when you witness or experience microaggressions.

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