ADHD Resources

As a person who’s newly aware of their neurodivergence, I originally struggled a lot with learning what my diagnosis meant for me, how my ADHD has affected me all my life, and how to battle my internal stigma. A variety of resources, significantly, many social media pages, have helped me feel less alone, learn about myself, and educate those around me on this thing that drives so much of my behavior.

Neurodiversity Accommodations Guide
Workplace Guide
The first step toward a workplace inclusive of neurodivergent folks is acknowledgement, and the next is accommodation. This guide is a great tool to allow neurodivergent employees to communicate their needs to employers.

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Don’t sweat it! I’m always working on adding more resources, so check back later!

Tiktok Account
A woman diagnosed with ADHD, Catie has built a following off of embracing her diagnosis, educating others, and normalizing a variety of neurodivergent and ADHD-adjacent behaviors.

*Note, Catie does cover some topics related to sex work as well, so her page is 18+!

ADHD Couple
An entirely hand-drawn comic page, ADHD Couple educates on a variety of topics surrounding ADHD and supporting loved ones with ADHD.

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