Give Back with Me

For years, I’ve seen stories of people who have found their careers doing amazing things for the world. Lifting others up. Leaving communities better than they found them. In January 2019, I found the cause I’m passionate about, and I’ve made it a goal for 2020 to bring my passion for lifting up disaster-torn communities and my passion for my career in tech together.

In September 2017, Hurricanes Irma and Maria tore through the Caribbean, leaving a path of destruction in their wake that lasts even today. At the beginning of 2019, I began volunteering with a disaster relief organization in Puerto Rico, and saw firsthand the impact that the hurricanes have had on individuals, infrastructure, and industry. While there are incredible organizations doing great work to help families and homeowners recover, businesses haven’t had the support they needed, and many have shuttered or pulled out of the island altogether. As a result, the unemployment rate in P.R. is deceivingly on the decline, because people are needing to leave their homes and their family to find work on the mainland.

But there are jobs out there that don’t require someone to leave their home–remote positions in the tech and Salesforce ecosystem that are there for the taking, if you have the skills. So I want to bring those skills to disaster-affected communities to help empower and skill-up users and make them power candidates for those positions. I’m planning a week-long program of free workshops and mentorship sessions, accessible for all, focusing on skills for the Salesforce platform, ranging in skill level from tech literacy to advanced development. Starting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we could use you on the team to make this happen.

How You Can Join In

Join the Core Team

To make this happen, I’m looking for volunteers to be a part of the core planning and execution team. See our opportunities below:

– Creative/Design Wizard
– Advertising and PR Guru
– Funding and Sponsorships Leader
– Accounting/Finance Bean-Counter
– Head of Curriculum
– Mentors and Logistics Coordinator
– Lord of Technology
– Translator (Spanish)
– Participant Whisperer

Visit the Contact page to join the team!

Become a Volunteer

I’ve only been able to develop my career because of amazing teachers and mentors who helped me learn and grow along the way. And you can be one of these mentors, too.

Program Travel Volunteer: We need people who will travel with us to the program to help run workshops and interact face-to-face with participants.
Remote Mentor Volunteer: A bit part of mentorship isn’t just the times you can meet up in person, and the benefit of the Salesforce community is a network of people to help lift you up. We need folks willing to connect and partner with participants after the workshop week to provide continued guidance.

Visit the Contact page to sign on!

Sponsor the Project

This kind of program can’t function without sponsors. We’ve compiled a list of funding needs below, and are open to any new ideas or offers as well.

– Airfare and Lodging for Volunteers/Core Team
– Advertising (Print and Digital)
– Technology Supplies, including generators, hot spots, chargers, presentation supplies
– Computers for Participants
– Transportation for Participants
– Swag/Gifts for Participants

Visit the Contact page to engage with us!

Let’s build something together.