Snail Mail Sticker Swap

Sign-Ups for Season 2 of the Swap have closed. We look forward to more swaps in the future!

Virtual events don’t mean the sticker swapping stops.

Welcome to the Snail Mail Sticker Swap–Season Two!

So how is this going to work? We’re going back to snail mail. Down below, we’ve got a blue button for you to access the form to fill out to join the swap. We’ll ask for a little bit of faith, because this swap will be blind! You’ll sign up to send a snail mail package (either a regular envelope or something more significant if you’d like) of at least three stickers to a stranger. We ask that you please include a note/letter to your swapee! This means you can absolutely send more stickers if you’d like, but we want to make sure everyone gets at least three. You can also sign up for multiple “entries”–meaning you’ll send more than one package, and also receive more!

New to Season 2 of the swap, we will allow users to sign up for a “Community” spot, meaning you can sign up for 0 swap spots, but we will give your address to folks who want to send stickers as a gift–no swap required! Additionally, Season 2 will be US only, as postal operations are still shut down in countries internationally. We will open the swap up internationally in future seasons as able.

We are asking that you sign up by Midnight PST on May 22nd. This is so that we can then gather the entries and send out your sticker swap-ee in a timely manner. Please fill out the form linked below, and feel free to tag @allawler on Twitter with questions.

Please view the FAQ below this button if you have questions.


How do multiple entries work?

You can choose to swap stickers just once–one piece of mail with at least three stickers included, or, you can choose to send to multiple people, and receive multiple in return! So if you want to send four packs (at least twelve stickers total), and receive four in return, put in 4 entries.

Any recommendations for how to ship?

Something great about stickers–they fit in an envelope! We ask that you take precautions to keep your envelope clean and do not lick your envelope seal. We do recommend writing a little note to your swap-ee along with your stickers!

What is the timeline for sending stickers?

You should have the form at the above button filled out by midnight on May 22nd, and then all swappers will have their assignments by midnight on May 24th. We ask that you send your stickers out within two weeks!

Why isn’t Season 2 international?

Many countries have mail stopped due to COVID-19. Based on feedback from Season 1 of the swap, we will keep the swap US only until these restrictions are lifted.

How do I use a Community spot?

We know that some folks are new to stickers! If you do not yet have any stickers to share, you can claim a Community spot. This will not guarantee you will receive stickers. On the sign up form, enter “0” for the number of Swap entries you’d like to sign up for, and then check the box for a community swap! We will share your address with users who would like to send extra stickers without receiving in return. We highly encourage that you be prepared to send a thank-you note back!

Can I participate if I am sick?

We are going to ask that if you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, you not physically handle anything that you would send out. If you have a friend willing to disinfect and send things out, that sounds great. As a reminder, we ask that you do not lick any envelope seals whether you are exhibiting symptoms or not.

Is this project funded?

This is something that each person participating will need to be financially responsible for. We are not offering to facilitate or reimburse postage or sticker costs.