No Time Like the Present: Get Started with Salesforce

We’ve all seen the memes, telling us how Shakespeare in isolation wrote King Lear. Sir Isaac Newton basically crafted calculus out of thin air. How all of these giant achievements were accomplished when people isolated themselves and focused. But let’s get real. For many of us, isolating isn’t easy. It gets into your head, canContinue reading “No Time Like the Present: Get Started with Salesforce”

#ActLikeAnAlly: Even in Quarantine

With COVID-19 now confirmed in all 50 states, many of us are starting what looks like at least three weeks of staying as home, social-distancing, as much as possible. If we can, we’re working from home. Bars and restaurants in many states are closed or limited to takeout only. And in the wake of self-quarantineContinue reading “#ActLikeAnAlly: Even in Quarantine”