No Time Like the Present: Get Started with Salesforce

We’ve all seen the memes, telling us how Shakespeare in isolation wrote King Lear. Sir Isaac Newton basically crafted calculus out of thin air. How all of these giant achievements were accomplished when people isolated themselves and focused. But let’s get real. For many of us, isolating isn’t easy. It gets into your head, can hinder focus big time, and can feel like a lot of pressure to get a lot done, when getting a normal amount of work done is sometimes all you can do. So instead, I propose not setting out on some huge journey, but just taking a couple steps.

Multiple friends have come to me and, knowing my enthusiasm for Salesforce, asked for resources to get started. So here I am, giving you a list of my favorite ways to learn, connect, and jumpstart something special. One thing I love about Salesforce is that they embrace an open culture of learning for all, making knowledge accessible for everyone. So I hope you find it accessible for you, too. The Salesforce community of learning has given me so much, and it’s your turn to dip a toe in.

Local Community Events
The Salesforce community is so welcoming. And while normally these events would be in person, isolation hasn’t stopped local groups from coming together virtually. I belong to the amazing Twin Cities Admin Community Group, and I participate in my local Salesforce Saturday meetups. But no matter where you are, the odds are in your favor for a group being nearby.

Find your local Community Group here.
Find a Salesforce Saturday near you on Meetup.

Virtual Community
Especially now, virtual community is just as important as in-person events. So there are great ways to get involved online. Join the Ohana Slack Workspace to communicate, ask questions, and experience new perspectives. Join a group on the Trailblazer Success Community to join conversations about features, products, ideas, and more. And join the conversations on Twitter with hashtags like #Trailblazers and #SalesforceOhana.

Certification Resources
First things first: we love certification discounts. In 2020, Salesforce is running a series of certification prep webinars. If you attend, you’ll get $70 off of a certification exam, which can be taken and proctored online. Sign up for a webinar here. But before you can take an exam, you need to learn the material! I like some of Salesforce’s prep Trailmixes, but users have also made study guides available on Trailhead–and it’s all free. And then when you’re ready to take things to the next level, there are trainings and mock exams available on platforms for free or a low fee, like Salesforce Ben, Simplilearn, or Focus on Force.

So there you have it. Community, learning, and steps forward toward certification that you can start taking, even when you can’t step outside your front door. And, metaphorically, my door is always open. Message or tag me on Twitter, in the Slack workspace, on my Contact Page. I’m here to weather the storm with you, and encourage you to just do a little something to learn and connect each day.


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