Get Started with Related Records

We can all agree that Salesforce’s new(ish) Lightning Platform brings a ton of great new capability to our lives, but sometimes, it can be tough to know it all. Today, I’m focusing on one of my favorite Lightning Page tips and tricks and walking through how you can use the Related Records component to provideContinue reading “Get Started with Related Records”

No Time Like the Present: Get Started with Salesforce

We’ve all seen the memes, telling us how Shakespeare in isolation wrote King Lear. Sir Isaac Newton basically crafted calculus out of thin air. How all of these giant achievements were accomplished when people isolated themselves and focused. But let’s get real. For many of us, isolating isn’t easy. It gets into your head, canContinue reading “No Time Like the Present: Get Started with Salesforce”

New Year, Same Habits: 5 Tips for Consistent Learning

I typically am not a big fan of New Year’s as a holiday. I already have this annoying personal habit of getting really enthusiastic about new projects, finding a passion for them, making a plan….and then fizzling out. Look it up–my Insights Discovery results were basically 23 pages of detailed explanation on why I’m aContinue reading “New Year, Same Habits: 5 Tips for Consistent Learning”

How it Starts: Bringing Passions Together

Five years ago, I was a full-time manager in retail stores, and had no notion of doing something outside of customer service, or maybe what I’d majored in–Public Relations. And I definitely didn’t see myself anywhere near software. Computers and tech were scary, and soft skills were safe. But that changed about a year andContinue reading “How it Starts: Bringing Passions Together”